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Prottezzione per sarratura
Logo bianco Prooof

Not to merely withstand, but to react.

Prooof is a dynamic system devised to provide active protection against fire, generating water vapour by exploiting the physical-chemical reaction of the material making it up.

The crucial test.

The English word “proof” indicates a water-resistant support, a protective layer. But it also means a test, a demonstration. And this is precisely the concept of our product, with an extra “o” in “prooof” making it unique and all the more recognisable.

The material

Prooof is entirely produced with Aerosilex pearls, an inorganic insulating material made of silica. Completely ecological (certified by the IBR institute in Rosenheim, Germany), it is characterised by its programmed release of water.


Imagine prodotto P-lock

An actively protected lock.

The P-Lock protection is made from the same material as the Prooof panel, but with a higher density; furthermore, the outer surface is clad with an expanding compound.


Imagine panello Prooof

the Prooof panel lining the inside of the fireproof doors makes it in fact possible for there to be a temperature of 95°C on the side of the door on the section to be protected. Even with temperatures of up to 1200°C on the opposite side.

The overheating of the pearls making up Prooof produces the water vapour which circulates in the empty space between the panel and the door’s structure. A flow generated by heat, but which allows a low temperature to be maintained on the side to be protected, since the transformation of water into vapour deprives the system of energy.